“Relationships” Session 8:

Keeping Your Love On

Read chapter 10 of Keep Your Love On before beginning this lesson.

Did You Learn To Love?

We are created to love God and people, and to be loved by God and people. Relationships help us grow.

1. Think about the story of the man who died by being struck by lightning. If you died and God asked you the same question, “Did you learn to love?”, what would be your response?

2. If this is your sole purpose in life, how are you doing? You don’t have to be perfect. But are you growing?

3. Take some time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit how you can grow in your love for Him and those around you.

4. Talk to your small group about what you feel like He is saying. Ask them to help you meet your goals of growing deeper in your love for those you are in relationship with.

5. In order to love the way that God loves, we must ask Him to enlarge our hearts. So, go ahead, ask Him! He is good at giving us impossible gifts.