“prayer” Session 8: We are Watchmen

Read Chapter 14 of Intercessory Prayer before beginning this study.

Be Alert!

In Chapter 14 of “Intercessory Prayer” Dutch Sheets uses three unique Scriptures that illustrate what he calls the “watchman anointing.”Read over each of them to begin this study: Ephesians 6:18; 1 Peter 5:8; 2 Corinthians 2:11. Each of these verses uses the phrase “be alert,” which can also be translated, “be watchful” when it comes to prayer. There are four principles that we can draw from these verses:

1. Automatic protection from the enemy is not guaranteed.

2. God plans to warn or alert us of Satan’s schemes.

3. We must remain alert.

4. If we are careful, the enemy will take advantage of us.

1. How do each of these principles relate to how you intercede for ourselves and others? What does it mean for you to be alert and watchful as you seek the Lord in prayer?

The Role of the Watchmen

These New Testament verses about intercession are directly linked to the Old Testament understanding of the role of the “watchmen.” These men were responsible for keeping watch over their territory day and night. While standing on the edge of the city wall, the watchmen would keep a constant lookout for invaders, as well as incoming messengers.

We are called to be the watchmen on the walls of the Kingdom. The Lord has given us the authority, as intercessors, to discern the impending attacks of the enemy as well as the in-breaking move of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to faithfully station ourselves in our battle station and wait upon the Lord.

1. How has the Lord called you to be a “watchman” over the territory that He was given you?

2. Ask the Holy Spirit what message He wants you to receive. Use this prophetic insight to intercede in accordance with the current Word of the Lord.


A Call to Action

This watchman anointing it not a passive, only defensive role. It is a strategically offensive calling. Intercessors have the authority to lay siege upon the enemy’s strongholds and claim individuals, cities, and nations for the Lord. Be bold in the place of intercession! Keep watch! God wants you to take nations for Him! Ask Him and He will give you this incredible inheritance! The calling of an intercessor is a high calling.

1.  Take a moment with your small group to pray and ask the Lord to give you His heart for the nations and give you a hunger to seek Him in intercessory prayer!