“Prayer” Session 4:

Partnering with Holy Spirit

Read Chapters 6–7 of Intercessory Prayer before beginning this study.

Building Boundaries in Prayer

Contrary to what many Christians believe, we actually play a significant part in providing protection for ourselves and others through our prayers. Not everything that happens on earth, happens simply because God allows it to. In fact, most of the promises of Scripture are conditional—they require responsibility on our behalf. Remember how we have been given the authority as intercessors or representatives of God on earth? This means that He has given us the ability to extend His power and advance His Kingdom. (This happens through intercession.) One of the ways we do this is by praying for protection for ourselves and others. We see this in Joshua 19 where the Hebrew word “paga” (translated “intercession”) is also used to describe the boundaries of protection constructed around the twelve tribes of Israel.

1. Take some time with your small group to practice this form of intercession as a means of “building” boundaries of protection. (Note***This should not come from a place of striving. Remember that Jesus has already done the work, won the war, and given you the victory! It’s yours to claim in faith!)

2. Refer to the steps on page 101 of Intercessory Prayer to get started.


Praying in the Spirit

The single greatest key to success in intercession is learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. According to Scripture, the Holy Spirit is our helper, given to us as the means of grace by which we can live a life pleasing to God. We see this fleshed out in Romans 8:26-28, where we learn that the Holy Spirit Himself intercedes for us and teaches us how to intercede for ourselves. This is where the argument for “praying in the Spirit” comes from.

1. Have you ever felt the urge to pray for someone but not known how or what to pray? How could “praying in the Spirit” help in these moments?

2. There are many different understandings of what “praying in the Spirit” means. Feel free to discuss this topic in your small group.

3. You can practice this kind of prayer in your small group. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and intercede through you. If you have a “prayer language” feel free to use it. If this is not something that you have experience with, allow the Spirit to guide your prayers and trust that they will land where He intends them to.

Note: Trust is a big part of praying in the Spirit—trust that the Holy Spirit will guide into intercession for the right things at the right time.