“Prayer” Session 2:

Imitating Christ in Intercession

Read Chapters 3–5 of Intercessory Prayer before beginning this study.

Defining Intercession

By formal definition, the concept of intercession is synonymous with mediation: “going between” two conflicting parties in order to advocate for reconciliation. Intercession itself has nothing to do with spirituality. In fact, it usually is seen in the context of the legal system. Lawyers are, in essence, intercessors. They “go between” their client and the judge to advocate for justice.

1. How can you act as an intercessor on behalf of those you pray for?

2. Does this definition of intercession influence the way that you view this role of “going between”? Discuss this with your small group.


The Intercession of Christ

Before the Fall, Adam was God’s representative on earth—His intercessor in Creation. When Adam sinned, he ceased to fulfill this intercessory role, needing an intercessor for himself. This is why Jesus is often referred to as the “Last Adam.” Jesus took on Adam’s role and became the ultimate intercessor for fallen humanity. As we know, Christ’s intercession was not a prayer He prayed, but an act of mediation that He did through His sinless life, death, and resurrection. He is the one, true intercessor.

1. How does the concept of intercession play out in the context of the original Creation Mandate, the Fall, and the hope of future restoration?

2. Are you trusting in the finished work of Christ to empower your intercessory prayer?


Distributing vs. Producing

The author describes our work of intercession as “distributing” that which Christ “produced” in the Incarnation. We are given the power to distribute His grace to our world because of the authority he has given us as apostles, or “sent ones.”

1. Do you feel like a “sent one”? Do you know that you have the authority to represent Jesus to the world? Discuss how praying “in the name of Jesus” embodies this reality of representation.

2. Put this into practice by asking the Lord who you can intercede for in your small group. Watch as His power is released as you partner with Him as the Intercessor!