“Parenting” Session 5:

Setting Standards for Life

Read chapters 11–12 of Raising Giant-Killers before beginning this study.

Parenting as Government

God designed parents to rule over their homes. As we have discussed in previous lessons, the role of every governing entity is to protect and empower. As a parent, this is a role that only you can fill within the lives of your children. The State cannot do this for you. Your role is also to teach your children intentionally. If you fail to teach them, your silence will do the teaching for you. Parental silence on important issues will inadvertently teach children complacency, indifference, and suspicion when it comes to God, life, values, and individual responsibility.

1. How do you feel that you are doing when it comes to intentionally teaching your children? Do you view yourself as a teacher in your children’s lives, or do you tend to leave the teaching up to their schools, or your church?


Big Conversations

We live in a time when parents must be more discerning than ever when it comes to dealing with the complexities of our media-driven society. We must learn how to deconstruct the issues of our day and present truth to our children in defense against the lies that would seek to deceive them. It is important that we raise children who are well-informed and able to think deeply about the important issues of our day. This starts with us. As a parent, ignorance is not an acceptable approach. If we do not take the time to form our own opinions about the important questions in life, our children will have no basis for forming their own thoughts, besides what they are taught in their school, by their friends, or by the media.

1. How often do you find yourself talking to your children about current events or the major conversations happening in our culture?

2. What big questions are your kids asking you? Share your responses with your small group.

3. Take some time to do some research. If your child asks you a question about homosexuality, for example, be ready to provide them a Biblical response.


Raising Children with a Purpose

As parents, we must ask ourselves the hard question: What am I raising my children for? It is important that we raise our children with insight into the purpose that God has for the next generation. If we want to bring up world-changers, we must start equipping them for that purpose from a young age.

1. So, what is God’s purpose for the next generation? Take some time to discuss what you think about this question in your small group.

2. The author talks about one of the potential downfalls of the Jesus People Movement in Chapter 12 of Raising Giant-Killers. What implications does this have for how we raise our children today?

3. Are you encouraging your children to “occupy until He comes” (Luke 19:12-14)? How are you doing this? Do your children feel empowered to bring the transformation of the Kingdom of God into whatever career they feel called into?

4. Discuss what practical step you can take in teaching your children about their God-given purpose.