“Parenting” Session 4:

Raising Kids in the Presence of GoD

Read Chapters 8–10 of Raising Giant-Killers before beginning this study.

Invitation to Encounter

Raising children in the Presence of God can seem like a daunting challenge to some. It may seem easier to let your child pick and choose when and how they want to engage with God and His people; but it is important that you consistently extend the invitation and maintain the expectation that they will participate in spiritual activities, even when they don’t want to. Don’t underestimate what your children can receive from God. Children can be remarkably sensitive to His Spirit.

1. Do you ever take the time to talk to your children about what they experience in worship? Would you ever consider rewarding them when they make a conscious effort to engage? Discuss this concept with your small group.

2. Consider the story of Samuel. The Bible says that he did not “know the Lord” at the time that He was called to be a prophet, even though he had been ministering to the Lord for some time. What implications does this have for raising children in close proximity to God and His people?

3. As parents, we have the responsibility of helping our children lay a foundation for their future encounters with the Lord. What practical ways can you help them lay this foundation?


Learning to Hear God’s Voice

The beautiful thing about serving a God who is alive, is that He speaks. God longs to speak to us about our children, if we choose to listen.

1. If you have never taken the time to ask God for prophetic insight regarding your child, take some time to do so in your small group. Sit down with a pen and paper or even a note app on your Smartphone. Ask the Lord to speak to you about your child and record whatever you think He might be saying. Understanding the heart of the Father for your child will prove invaluable in establishing their identity early on in life.

2. Ask those around you to listen to the Lord on behalf of your child, as well.


If you feel unqualified to receive from the Lord prophetically, remember that God gives grace based upon the position that He has put you in. As a parent, God knows that you will need supernatural grace to raise your child according to His ways. Ask, and you shall receive. This is a Biblical principle worth paying attention to. It is important that we, as parents, learn to seek the will of God for our children. This way, we avoid the pitfalls of trying to live out our own dreams in the lives of our children. Allow your kids to be themselves. Proverbs 22 tells us to train up a child “in the way he should go.” The way that our children should go is determined by God, not us.

1. How do you feel that you are doing in allowing God to determine the future of your child? Does your child feel empowered to be themself? Or do they feel pressure to live up to an expectation that might not be God’s will for them?

2. Consider this carefully. It is essential that you are hearing from the Lord when you prophecy destiny over your children. Never use this opportunity to coerce them into doing what you think that they should do in life. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide them through the words that you speak.


Speaking Destiny

One of the best ways to speak destiny over your children is in the form of encouragement. While it may not seem as spiritual, encouragement is one of your primary purposes in being a parent. Remember the two roles of parenting from Chapter 4? Your purpose is to protect and empower. In encouraging your child, you empower them to pursue the call of God on their life.

1. How often do you intentionally take time to encourage you child? Think about your conversations with them. Are they primarily encouraging or correcting? What changes might you need to make to tip the scales in favor of empowerment?

2. Discuss this with your small group.



One of the most important things you can do when praying for and prophesying over your kids, is being consistent. Even when you don’t see the fruit of your faithfulness right away, stay the course!