“Parenting” Session 1:

Children Are a Gift

Read Chapters 1–2 of Raising Giant-Killers before beginning this study.

Raised in a War

Beginning this study, it is important to remember that we are all born into a war. Every child that comes into the world is immediately brought into the conflict between good and evil that has been raging on since the Garden of Eden. It is also important to remember that the outcome of this war has already been decided. When we were powerless to overcome our enemies, Christ became a man. Taking on human flesh, He fought our battles for us and ultimately defeated sin and death by His own death and resurrection (Col. 2:15).

The war is won, and yet the battles continue on. Each person has their own role to play in this ongoing conflict, and yet, those of us who are in Christ can have confidence, knowing that we are on the winning side. According to the Scriptures, our children play a significant role in this fight. In the words of Bill Johnson, “A child functioning  according to his or her gift and design wreaks havoc on the powers of darkness.” This understanding is the foundation for raising “Giant-Killers.”

1. How do you feel about this introduction to parenting?

2. Have you ever considered the power that your children have to help you overcome your enemies?

3. Discuss Bill Johnson’s introduction in your small group. What stood out to your from his examples involving David and Goliath? What about the story of the twelve spies?

4. Are you ready to face the “giant” or parenting in your own life, or do you have a “grasshopper” mentality when it comes to facing this challenge?

5. Discuss how you can practically model courage for your children in your daily life. Let your small group in on your plans. They can help support you in your goals.

No Perfect Parents

Coming into this study, you may already feel defeated, like you are just too imperfect to be a good parent. The truth is, there are no perfect parents. You don’t have to come from the right background or have the right level of education to raise your children well. All you need is a commitment to pursue the values rooted in the Kingdom of God.

1. Do you feel that you have a vision for parenting? Share your vision with your small group.

2. Read Ephesians 5:25-30. Discuss the implications of a having a strong marriage bond when it comes to raising godly children.


Strong Marriages — Strong Families

Parents build families, individuals and legacies. It is essential that we do this building upon the firm foundation of a strong/united marriage.

1. How is your marriage bond? Do you feel that you demonstrate the kind of relationship described in Ephesians 5? Or do you find yourself falling short of God’s vision for family?

2. Take some time to reflect on your marriage. Consider discussing how you are doing with your husband or wife.

3. If you are a single parent, there is grace for you, too. The Lord wants to do incredible things through the legacy that you are building. Rely upon His strength, and He will establish your home.


Learning from Your Kids

As parents, we lead. But, sometimes, we need to learn to follow. Consider the honor that Jesus bestowed upon children in the Gospels. We must be like our children if we desire to enter into the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven. In receiving from our children, we really receive from Jesus Himself, according to Matthew 18.

1. What lessons have you learned from your own children? Are you humble and teachable enough to receive from them?

2. Share some of these lessons with your small group.