Sexual Integrity


Pastoral Endorsement

We live in a very confusing time in history. There are all sorts of differing opinions and mixed messages. Sex sells, so we are blasted with sexually charged images from every side, yet men are expected to control themselves. It’s no wonder so many men struggle with staying sexually faithful and pure. But is purity something to be sought after? Some in our world would say no. They say that refraining from sex before marriage is an old fashioned idea—not relevant for today. Yet, it is obvious by all the destruction this attitude has had on the world we live in that sexual purity is important.  

For the Christian, God’s word sets the standard. In 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, 7 we are called to avoid sexual impurity because we have been sanctified, that is, set apart for God’s purposes. We are told to control our bodies because we have been called to live holy and honorable lives. But how do we accomplish this level of purity?

Sex is every man’s battle. No wise man will try to fight the war on his own. He needs the right equipment and fellow warriors to stand alongside him. Fortunately, there are many resources to fight with; books, accountability and recovery groups, as well as teaching series like The Valiant Man by Dr. Allan Meyer. This 10-week teaching series explores topics like; a vision for manhood, the arena of healing, retraining your brain, and many more. The series is done with a group of other men fighting in the same battle. Having others that we can be open and honest with helps assure victory.

- Dan Reed, Seniors Pastor, Living Streams Church, Phoenix, Arizona 

Valiant Man is an in-person only class available at the Phoenix Campus of Living Streams Church. Sign-up below to participate in this life-changing study.