Pastoral Endorsement

For the last year, I have been teaching on prayer in my Wednesday morning Bible study.  We have talked about Jesus’ promises to answer prayer and his encouragement to pray even shamelessly audacious prayers.  It has been my strong desire to have our people learn to pray “fervent and effectual” prayers, prayers of faith that God always keeps His promises.  But I realized that until we are in circumstances that we ourselves cannot change or have things that we desperately want, most of us do not get serious about praying. 

This was true for me.  My prayers, when I first began my Christian life, consisted primarily of worship (which I still love) and a list of friends I wanted God to save. I would run through my list quickly and thought I had completed my responsibility in the least amount of time possible.  However, as life progressed and my prayer concerns became greater, I became very serious about seeing answers to prayer and began to search both the Scripture and books.   

One such book was Dutch Sheets’ book, Intercessory Prayer.  Its focus is not on answers to prayers for yourself but prayers for others.  He shares insights into prayer for healing, for salvation, for the nation, and more.  The book is not just informational but also entertaining.  His dry sense of humor comes through in every chapter.  He shares stories from his own and others’ experiences of miraculous answers to desperate prayers in the worst of circumstances.  He go deep into Scriptural reasons for why to pray in certain ways and why we can believe God to always hear and answer.  If you want to improve your prayer life and see God bring real change, I would highly recommend this study.

— Faith Cummings, Women’s Pastor at Living Streams Church in Phoenix, Arizona

Study Guide

We recommend that you go through this study with a small group - this could be in a class setting (classes will be available at the Living Streams Phoenix Campus periodically) or with a group of friends or family. However, you are welcome to interact with the provided study material on your own, if you prefer. 


Why Pray? 


Imitating Christ in Intercession


Meeting and Bearing


Partnering with Holy Spirit


Praying for the Lost


Spiritual Warfare


Persistence in Prayer


We are Watchmen 

If you prefer to use a good, old-fashioned pen and paper, feel free to download and print the entire study guide for Intercessory Prayer here.

Required Reading

You will need this resource in order to participate in the study.