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Pastoral Endorsement

Helicopter parenting does not work! We are not able to hover over our children enough to keep them from all the pain that life has to offer. God doesn’t promise us a life without difficulty, but He does promise that those who know Him will have His presence in times of difficulty. That is more valuable than we can imagine! In his book, Raising Giant-Killers, Bill Johnson and his wife, Beni, share with us their wisdom on how to raise children who know, live, and walk in the presence of God. We want to raise children who are bold against an enemy who seeks to destroy our hope and have us walk in opposition to the will of God. We want children who know that Jesus gives them life and life to the fullest.   

Bill and Beni have raised mighty children who love God and do incredible things for His kingdom. They encourage us that investing in kids who love God and see Him as Lord should be the desire and goal of every parent, grandparent, and anyone who God calls into ministry with children. Although Bill Johnson is an extremely successful pastor, a successful ministry was not the focus of his service to God. Bill’s first priority in serving God was to be fully invested in his children and parenting them the way God reveals to us in Scripture. 

Whatever profession the Lord has called you to, whatever work that needs to be accomplished in the home or in life, remember that Jesus values children. He values our families, and He wants us to make them a priority. Raising mighty children who aren’t afraid to stand up against a giant on behalf of the Lord is an awe-inspiring calling. As you read the book Raising Giant Killers you will find yourself longing to engage your kids wholeheartedly as you seek the Lord together. 

— Veronica Morrison, Women’s Pastor at Living Streams Church, Phoenix, Arizona

Study Guide

We recommend that you go through this study with a small group. If you are married, grab your spouse, and maybe few other couples to go through this study with you. However, you are welcome to interact with the provided study material on your own, if you prefer. 


Children are a Gift


Passing on Values


Self-Control and Discipline


Raising Kids in the Presence of God


Setting Standards for Life


Let’s Talk About Sex


Exposure to the Real World


Winning the War for Our Children

If you prefer using a good, old-fashioned pen and paper, feel free to download and print the entire study guide of Raising Giant-Killers here:

Required Reading

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