Living Streams Online is a global collective of remote community gatherings facilitated by Living Streams Church. These groups exist to build courageous people, display God’s glory, and engage in society’s pain. We believe that transformation happens in community - whether that community is developed in person or online.

Our world is undergoing the greatest communications shift in 500 years. With the rapid expansion of modern technology and the introduction of social media, the world seems to have gotten a lot smaller - and yet many people are left feeling more alone than ever. The technology that was meant to make us feel more connected has left many of us feeling separated from REAL RELATIONSHIPS. Due to the changing nature of work and the increasingly nomadic nature of this next generation, many people are finding themselves unable to connect with a local church.

Living Streams Online is meant to be a resource for the millions of people around the globe who experience difficulty attending a physical church location due to occupation, health issues, age, or travel. Whatever your life circumstances might be, we welcome you to come, join us as we drink of the living water that Jesus offers us as while we worship and grow TOGETHER.



Living Streams Online is a ministry of Living Streams Church in Phoenix, AZ. For information about the church and how to get involved, please visit our website, email our Online Campus Pastor, or fill out the contact form.